How do I install an Environmental Management System to ISO14001:2015 (how much work is involved)?

  1. Your first step is to make the Decision – what do you want an EMS to do for you?
  2. Write a POLICY – this will be your blueprint for success and will be seen by all of your staff, visitors and customers
  3. Look at all of your activities – assess what environmental risks each one represents
  4. Decide what the most potentially damaging risks are, and prioritise them
  5. Assess how will you manage those risks
  6. Set yourself some realistic objectives and targets to reduce those risks over time
  7. Document your activities, objectives, progress against targets and audit results
  8. All of your staff will need environmental awareness training, to understand what you are trying to do, and what their role will be

It sounds like a lot of work – and it is. But I can help you through all of this, and ensure that in record time you will achieve full accreditation to ISO14001:2015 – and help you maintain it.

Remember – I am here for YOUR benefit. My guarantee to you is that I'll stay with you until the job is completed.

How much will it Cost?

What are the indicative costs of installing an Environmental Management System?

It really depends on the size and complexity of your business and how much of the work you are able or willing to do for yourselves. To install an EMS from scratch can take up to 6 months – but with my templates for guidance the man-hours required during that time could be greatly reduced. During this time I will work closely with you all the way to make sure you develop the confidence in your System. In addition to my expertise the accreditation process requires an independent Third Party auditor (I use LRQA - but the final choice is yours), who will make the following approximate charges to you:

First year:- The auditor will make up to three separate audit visits (initial GAP Analysis, pre-accreditation audit and final 2-day certification audit) = £3,500 approx.

Years 2 & 3:- Surveillance audits every 6 – 12 months = £1,200 approx. per year.

Year 4:- Re-certification audit – normally 2 days - plus one surveillance audit = £1,800 approx.

Years 5 & 6:- As years 2 & 3.

LRQA have an easy-payment system whereby the charges are evened out over each 3-year cycle which makes your budgeting easier.