Enviro-Mentor can give you advice on how to work towards a more sustainable business, by looking at your waste outputs, energy inputs, and overall environmental strategy. Enviro-Mentor can also give you pollution prevention advice.

Environmental law is changing all the time - mostly directly imposed by Europe. Ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law and if you are not sure what environmental legislation you have to comply with, Enviro-Mentor can carry out a full audit of your activities and advise you how you can stay within the law.

Enviro-Mentor can help you set up an Environmental Management System (EMS), and gain independent accreditation, which may become a prerequisite with your customers, or help you find new ones as people increasingly make business decisions based on the environmental credentials of a company.

If you already have an Environmental Management System, Enviro-Mentor can carry out regular audits of your business and Environmental Management System and make recommendations for continuous improvement to your system, carry out Environmental Awareness, Auditing and Wastage training for you and your staff.

In these days of spiraling fuel prices, a different approach to business costs may help to save you money. Perhaps you may not have considered the potential that an environmental approach to looking at your costs might have on reducing your costs. For instance by reducing the waste sent to landfill by recycling waste, the cost of disposal is reduced, and there is also the possibility that a new income stream could be generated from the recycled waste. This additional income could offset some of your disposal costs, and goes straight to your bottom line - how much extra output would you need to do to add just 5% profit?.

I have been working in industry as an environmental specialist for over 12 years, recently specialising in dairy effluent and am just starting on my own. If you would like to find out what an environment consultant can do for you please contact me via my contact page

If you would also like some advice or any requirements relating to workplace Health & Safety, I have a NEBOSH General Certificate, and can carry out workplace Health & Safety Inspections, Audits and Investigations. I can also create a linked Health & Safety and Environmental Management System for you.

Remember I am based locally in the West Country, with lower overheads than larger environment consultants, and I can pass on these savings to you. So if you are in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Avon, Wiltshire or Sussex please give me a call!